Victor Vasarely

Mechter, 1985
Acrylic paint, wood
63 x 63 cm

Alongside Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely (*1906 Pécs, HU † 1997 Paris, FR) is one of the leading exponents of the op art movement. Mechter is a small work that uses an overlapping structure to create visual spaces and images in images. Vasarely worked both as an artist and graphic designer. His oeuvre testifies to an enduring fascination with the phenomenon of visual perception, which he frequently toyed with through his serial arrangements and grids. Vasarely was on a quest for a visual language with a meaning beyond the confines of art. Forms emerge from the flat surface to create depth. This trompe l’oeil effect makes the pictures vibrate. These works, rich in contrast of colour and shape, invite immediate contemplation again and again, offering an unconditional visual experience. Vasarely's structures and patterns transcend the boundaries of art and, having found their way into everyday culture, remain highly recognisable to this very day.

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