Case Law of the Boards of Appeal – links to the OJ "Case Law" Supplement in the HTML version of the Case Law book

The Boards of Appeal recently introduced a new service on their webpage. Links to selected decisions of the boards are regularly added to the HTML version of the Case Law book (9th edition, July 2019), see Communication of May 2020.

The Boards of Appeal have decided to expand this service. Starting with decisions from 2019, the HTML version of the Case Law book now also provides links to the summaries reported in the OJ "Case Law" supplement. As with selected decisions, the links to the summaries in the OJ "Case Law" supplement are placed in the relevant chapters of the book. The text of the summaries (in English, French and German) can be accessed by hovering over the link with the mouse.

By bringing together the content of the Case Law book and the OJ "Case Law" supplement, this new service makes it even easier for users to keep up to date with the extensive case law of the Boards of Appeal.

For an example see the screenshot below or go to this page.