Case Law of the Boards of Appeal – links to selected decisions in the HTML version of the Case Law book

The Boards of Appeal are introducing a new service on their webpage: links to selected decisions are now being added to the HTML version of the Case Law book (9th edition, July 2019). It will help readers to identify new decisions within their thematic context.

The new service builds on the list of selected decisions which was recently introduced on the Boards of Appeal webpage to alert users to all newly published decisions for which the board has provided a headnote or a catchword.

In the updated HTML version of the Case Law book, the decision numbers are inserted in the relevant chapter(s) and linked to the decision headnote or catchword, which can be displayed by hovering over the link with the mouse.

For an example see the screenshot below or go to this page.


Usually, a board will add a headnote or catchword if it wishes to provide a brief summary of a particular point of law or to draw attention to an important part of the reasons for the decision.

Updates to the HTML version of the Case Law book will be made available several times per year.