Decision in case T 844/18 on the CRISPR gene editing technology


17 January 2020

European patent EP 2771468 relates to the CRISPR gene editing technology. The EPO opposition division had revoked the patent for lack of novelty in view of intermediate prior art. This prior art became relevant because the opposition division did not acknowledge the patentee's claim to priority from a US provisional application naming more applicants than the subsequent PCT application from which EP 2771468 is derived. Since the omitted applicant had not transferred his rights to the applicants of the PCT application the priority claim was considered invalid.

On 16 January 2020, the EPO Board of Appeal in case T 844/18 dismissed the patent proprietor's appeal against the decision of the opposition division and thus confirmed the revocation of the patent. The board did not refer questions to the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

The reasons for the board’s decision will be issued in writing in due course.