​​Fernando Catalano, Micael Carmo and team

​​Quieter jets with lower carbon dioxide emissions​

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​​Embraer, USP Univ De Sao Paulo​
​​Quieter and greener jets now fly overhead thanks to the work of Fernando Catalano and Micael Carmo. Through an industry-research collaboration, the inventors helped develop a new jet that lowers CO2 emissions up to 25% per passenger and noise footprint by 65% compared to the previous model.​

Aircraft noise can have a detrimental impact on the environment, communities and human health. Flying is also a significant contributor to carbon emissions - if the aviation industry were a country, it would be ranked among the top 10 global emitters. 

Catalano, an aeronautic engineering professor, and Carmo, an Embraer noise reduction expert, led the development of cutting-edge features that minimise noise and reduce fuel consumption in Embraer’s line of E2 jets. The duo improved the aircraft’s slat tracks, which are used to control planes at low speeds, by adding a unique seal that eliminates aerodynamic noise during take-off and landing. This not only improves passenger comfort, but reduces noise pollution in communities near airports. The inventors also streamlined the aerodynamics of the fuselage to improve the aircraft's performance and cost-effectiveness. 

Embraer implemented several other measures to reduce drag and noise. These include extended wings, landing gear doors and an advanced engine choice. A smaller, redesigned tail also adds to the jet's fuel efficiency and stability. According to Catalano, “The most challenging part was to do the job without any penalty on the aerodynamic performance or mechanical performance.”

A collaborative effort

The development of these jets is the result of a collaboration between Embraer and the University of São Paulo in the innovative Brazilian Silent Aircraft Programme. In the early 2000s,  Embraer realised that it needed to better understand the aircraft’s acoustics to pass the International Council for Civil Aviation (ICAO)’s strict noise emissions criteria for new aircraft. Catalano and Carmo joined forces with researchers from Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands to focus on reducing aviation noise pollution. Catalano’s extensive knowledge of aerodynamics, combined with Carmo’s expertise in noise reduction, has been central to creating the quietest single-aisle jet on the market.

Looking ahead, Carmo believes that silent aircraft will become an indispensable part of the future, “The number of flights will increase. More populations will have access to air travel, so noise and environmental issues will become more important.”

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