Countdown to CodeFest


Deadline for entries to CodeFest extended to 13 November: still time to be in with a chance of winning up to €20 000!

Talented coders resident in any EPO member state now have until 13 November to enter our CodeFest on green plastics, in which the prize money available totals
€45 000. The deadline has been extended so that everyone has sufficient time to submit a proposal to the code challenge.

This is a unique opportunity to write an AI code that improves access to the latest patent information on green plastics and helps rid the planet of plastic waste. There's also a chance to win a substantial cash prize.

No time to lose

So go for it: spread the word or submit a proposal by 13 November! Entries are welcome from solo coders or teams of up to five, whether made up of talents from outside the EPO, or EPO staff, or a mix of both. Each proposal must include an explanation of the intended approach and indicate the intended data selection, the possible model implementation and the model evaluation.

For further information, check out the latest Patent Knowledge Week sessions and learning resources listed below, or simply go straight to the official CodeFest registration site.

Further information:

Official CodeFest registration site, complete with a new set of FAQs

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e-learning module on Y02: A classification scheme for climate change mitigation technologies