​​Empowering users: latest enhancements to MyEPO services​

Following on from the new features released in April, the European Patent Office (EPO) is glad to release additional functionalities within MyEPO services. This is a further step towards a fully digitalised, interactive and user-friendly patent granting process, which is growing in popularity as over half of the online filings made via Online Filing 2.0 illustrate.

In close co-operation with the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi), enhancements have been implemented in the Representative area as the EPO continues to place users front and centre in our technology deployment under the recently adopted Strategic Plan 2028.

Enhancements in the Representative area

The Representative area is an integral and dedicated part of MyEPO Portfolio that enables professional representatives before the EPO to swiftly request changes to their profile data, eliminating the need for paper-based forms.

From today, users can: 

  • conveniently file requests for entry and re-entry in the list of professional representatives before the EPO 
  • add an email address for personalised communication from the EPO and the epi, as well as their epi student number (optional)

This new feature makes it easier for 2024’s successful EQE candidates to request their entry in the list as they take up their duties as European patent attorneys.

Looking ahead

Please keep the following milestones in mind: 

  • The legacy Mailbox, MyFiles and Admin Facilities will be decommissioned on 1 July 2024. Switch to MyEPO Portfolio now, if you have not already done so! 
  • The EPO will stop receiving incoming faxes as of 1 July 2024. From then on, all fax services relating to EP and PCT as well as Unitary Patent procedures will be discontinued. 
  • It will no longer be possible to use smart cards as of 1 January 2025. Switch to two factor authentication (2FA) now!