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The EPO has today, 3 November 2022, published an initial selection of some 60 smart patent information searches to coincide with this month's United Nations Climate Change Conference. With a focus on clean energy, these smart searches aim to help innovators contribute to the decarbonisation of the global economy within the next three decades. The launch of the clean energy platform is accompanied by the publication of dedicated EPO webpages profiling the latest developments in green tech.

As a world leader in supplying technical information, the EPO is deepening its commitment to sustainability by making specialist know-how available to a broader audience. The ready-to-use search queries developed by EPO experts will help accelerate the transformation of patent information into patent knowledge by supporting researchers, entrepreneurs and decision makers in meeting climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals and European Green Deal. The relevant technical information in patent documents is often published nowhere else.

This is just the beginning

The searches on our new clean energy platform initially cover three key areas and will be continually updated. First, those on energy supply provide the latest insights into fields such as offshore wind and smart solar systems. Then there are solutions for carbon-intensive industries, including steel production and cement. Finally, the searches on enabling technologies relate to fields including green hydrogen production using electrolysers and the optimisation of energy storage technologies.

The smart searches are especially suited to run on the EPO's free to use online patent search interface: Espacenet. This public database contains more than 140 million documents from more than 100 intellectual property authorities around the world. Any user can now access the results of these smart searches.

For applicants who require a fast-track patent procedure, regardless of the technology they are developing, the EPO offers accelerated prosecution of European patent applications.

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