MyEPO services fully replace legacy tools

My EPO Portfolio

In line with the Strategic Plan 2028, the EPO is continually upgrading IT capabilities with cutting-edge technologies that build a resilient infrastructure and drive digital transformation in the Patent Granting Process (PGP) with the highest standards of IT security. Building on published information and positive user feedback received in SACEPO meetings throughout 2023 and 2024, the EPO has made various steps to ensure that the MyEPO services suite offers modern and comprehensive solutions covering the entire PGP, from filing to fee payments. 

The performance and user-friendliness of the MyEPO services suite is reflected by the strong uptake among users: Over 97% of all companies working online with the EPO already use MyEPO Portfolio to receive Mailbox communications. And over 50% of online filings are now submitted via the Online Filing 2.0 (OLF 2.0) tool, making it the preferred choice for more and more users.  

With MyEPO services providing more advanced and comprehensive alternatives to legacy services, the EPO implements its published decommissioning timeline by discontinuing the legacy services as detailed below.  

As of today, MyEPO services fully replace the following legacy tools

Legacy Mailbox

The Mailbox as accessible via MyEPO Portfolio continues to be regularly enriched with more functionalities and now offers a multitude of features that were not available in the old Mailbox. The legacy Mailbox has therefore been switched off today. Users of the legacy Mailbox will find their communications back in the MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox. Full information on the use of the MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox can be found on our website.  

MyFiles and Admin facilities services  

MyEPO Portfolio makes files and file administration services more easily accessible than ever before. MyFiles and Admin facilities services have therefore also been discontinued.  

All fax services relating to the PGP 

The web-based OLF 2.0 presents a modern and convenient way of filing applications and other documents. Further, in emergency cases, the Contingency Upload Service is available via our website. Starting today, the EPO no longer accepts submissions by fax. Having stopped sending faxes in March 2023, all fax services relating to EP, PCT and Unitary Patent proceedings, including opposition and appeal proceedings – with exclusion of proceedings before the Disciplinary Board of Appeal – cease as of today. 

Next steps 

  • The use of smart cards for accessing our services will cease as of 1 January 2025. Switch to two-factor authentication (2FA) now! Detailed information can be found on our website. 
  • Webform Filing tool will be decommissioned on 31 December 2024. Our Online Filing 2.0 tool provides all necessary features and more.