A new path of partnership: The EPO welcomes Georgia as a validation state

On 1 February – a couple of weeks following the entry into force of the validation agreement - the EPO hosted the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (Sakpatenti) in Munich. Key discussions unfolded on the recent validation agreement which paves the way for benefits in technological innovation for both Georgia and Europe, as well as in global IP cooperation.

The recent validation agreement allows inventors and businesses globally to select Georgia as their destination for obtaining patent protection through the EPO patent grant procedure based on Georgia’s national law, in turn effectively reducing processing time costs, and any administrative burden. Today, Georgia stands among 45 nations where a European patent can be validated based on a single European patent application. The agreement's entry into force marks a significant milestone in broadening the accessibility and coverage of the European patent system for Georgia.

Beyond the validation agreement, the meeting also addressed key steps for future cooperation between the EPO and Georgia. Emphasis was placed on the joint implementation of the 2022-2024 work plan, which seeks to equip Sakpatenti with new skills and tools, including specialised training for examiners and judiciary members. Additionally, joint outreach actions were highlighted as a means to bolster tech transfer.

This collaborative milestone underlines the commitment of the EPO and Georgia to bringing technologies to market and strengthened cooperation in the years to come.