About the prize

Young inventor prize - About the prize

The Young Inventors Prize rewards those who innovate with a purpose and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aimed at individuals 30 and under, the Prize showcases the transformative power of youth-driven solutions and recognises the remarkable young people paving the way to a more sustainable future.  

We handed out the first Young Inventors Prize trophies during the 2022 European Inventor Award ceremony. Between 2022 and 2024, we celebrated a total of nine finalists in three editions. From 2025 onwards, the Prize will move up a gear with its own dedicated event, held separately from the Award. Each year, we will alternate between hosting the European Inventor Award and the Young Inventors Prize.

In 2025, the EPO will host the Young Inventors Prize.

Format and prizes

In each edition, we spotlight ten Tomorrow Shapers: young innovators whose work in the field of sustainability deserves recognition. During the ceremony, we will celebrate their contributions, reward three Tomorrow Shapers with three special prizes and let the public choose their favourite.

World Builders

These innovators want a better, more sustainable future for us all. Their solutions help ensure we have things like water and energy in a sustainable way. By enabling a circular economy, World Builders also support the creation of prosperous communities.







SDG 11


SDG 12


SDG 17


Community Healers

With incredible empathy, these innovators are working to heal the wrongs of the world. Community Healers develop solutions that ensure equal access to food, education, and decent work, preventing discrimination in any of its forms.













SDG 10


SDG 16


SDG 17


Nature Guardians

Protecting our ecosystems and the flora and fauna that live therein is their number one goal. Nature Guardians look after endangered species on land and under water, aiming to prevent damage to our ecosystems or reduce the impact of climate change.

SDG 13


SDG 14


SDG 15


SDG 17


People’s Choice

When the Tomorrow Shapers are announced, we will open online voting and let the people decide which innovator deserves their recognition. You will be able to cast a vote until the day of the ceremony.

Prize distribution

Each of the ten Tomorrow Shapers will receive a certificate and a monetary prize of EUR 5 000. In addition, each of the three winners of the special prizes will receive an additional EUR 15 000, a trophy and a winner’s certificate. The winner of the People’s Choice will receive an additional EUR 5 000. 

A Tomorrow Shaper may only be selected by the jury members as winner of one extraordinary prize. The same Tomorrow Shaper, however, can be winner of one of the special prizes and the People’s Choice prize at the same time.