Diagnostics – Protein and nucleic acid assays



The following queries provide an overview of analytical assays for the diagnosis of all kinds of coronavirus infections not limited to SARS-CoV-2. The diagnosis is based on the detection of viral proteins or nucleic acids in samples isolated from humans or animals. All searches have been carried out combining the relevant and specific patent classifications and keywords.

Nucleic acids analyses

The following section contains a selection of tests based on the analysis of coronavirus by various nucleic acid based technologies, including hybridization with virus specific probes, amplification and detection of the viral genome or its sequencing for allowing the identification of virus specific sequences. The queries combine the IPC and CPC classes C12Q1/68 and C12Q1/70 with diagnostic and virus specific keywords.

Immunological analyses

The following section contains a selection of methodologies to detect viral proteins in human or animal samples via binding assays. The selection is based on targets, types and preparation of assays or the nature of the assays themselves. The queries mainly combine specific G01N33 IPC and CPC classes with keywords.

Patent analytics gives a deeper dive into the patent landscape. Our patent analysts have created a spreadsheet containing all the search strategies and datasets for patents for protein and nucleic acid assays as well as additional statistics in one place for you to download. You can also run the search strategies on your own platform or analyse the datasets yourself. If you are not familiar with how to write or adapt search strategies, our Espacenet pocket guide will help.

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