Digital technologies


Prevention is better than cure, and technology is an important means to support the population in prevention. Digital technologies will play an increasingly important role too. Contact tracing, for example, has become a standard pandemic counter-measure in many countries. Artificial intelligence can be harnessed to provide both an understanding of how the virus spreads as well as ways to contain it. Many aspects of the new normal will rely on digital technologies to keep us safe.

Modern tickets machines, vending machines, cash dispensers and the like all present a  risk of infection because they are touched by many strangers. Providing a contactless user interface is another way to reduce infection.

Healthcare informatics specifically adapted for the handling or processing of medical or healthcare data (CPC, IPC subclass G16H) is covered in Healthcare informatics

We are carriers of the virus and our behaviours are key to containing viral spread. Monitoring technologies will thus play an increasingly important role in shaping the new normal.

Telecommunications is playing a vital role - every smartphone can be a tool to prevent the spread of disease.

Artificial intelligence can be harnessed to help combat viral spread by understanding the mechanisms of disease, determining and supporting pharmaceutical treatments.

To combat the virus, one must detect it. Virus detection, imaging and analysis are the first steps towards treatment.

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