Nucleic acids and antibodies to fight coronavirus



Nucleic acids to treat coronavirus infections

The following section identifies classes of nucleic acid molecules that interfere with the coronavirus infection or mediate the immune response induced by the viral infection. Antisense, small interfering RNA or nucleic acids that associate with a nuclease (CRISPR/Cas) directly inactivate the viral expression and/or replication. Aptamers bind to and inactivate viral or cellular proteins, thereby inhibiting coronavirus infection. The immunomodulatory nucleic acid do not act directly on the virus but modulate the immune anti-viral response. (Each of the listed classes of nucleic acid molecules includes a hyperlink to Espacenet and the search statement)

Antibodies against coronaviruses

The following query identifies antibodies against coronaviruses and their use in therapy. These antibodies inhibit either receptor binding and/or viral entry or induce the elimination of infected cells.

Patent analytics gives a deeper dive into the patent landscape. Our patent analysts have created a spreadsheet containing all the search strategies and datasets for patents for nucleic acids and antibodies for fighting coronavirus, as well as additional statistics in one place for you to download. You can also run the search strategies on your own platform or analyse the datasets yourself. If you are not familiar with how to write or adapt search strategies, our Espacenet pocket guide will help.

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