Is it possible to prevent members of the public from interrupting or interfering with the proceedings?

The participation of members of the public is restricted to listening to the audio and watching the images transmitted during the VICO. Members of the public may not switch on their microphone or camera unless asked to do so by the chair. They are not entitled to speak or otherwise become involved in the VICO, unless specifically invited to do so by the chair.

Any breach of these conditions may result in the exclusion of the member of the public from the oral proceedings. Where the chair finds that the above conditions have been/are being breached in a manner that would compromise the efficient conduct of the oral proceedings or adversely affect the rights of the other participants to the oral proceedings in an undue manner, or if other serious reasons so demand, they may ask the member of the public to leave the VICO and end the connection.

As in oral proceedings where the participants are physically present, it is the responsibility of the chair to ensure the proper conduct of the proceedings.