What APIs are currently available?

We have developed MyEPO business-to-business technical interfaces – referred to as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) – that your IT department can use to connect your IP management systems directly to MyEPO services and therefore automate filing submissions and receiving communications from the EPO.

MyEPO APIs are in line with World Intellectual Property Office recommendations for processing and communicating Intellectual Property data using Web APIs, specifically WIPO Standard ST.90.

The following APIs are currently available:

Mailbox API

You can use this API to download Mailbox content, including documents and metadata.

It is available in a “sandbox” environment that contains dummy data, so that you can test the API from your IP management systems.

Once you have completed your technical tests in the sandbox environment, you can connect to the API in our live “production” environment to handle your Mailbox communications.

Online Filing 2.0 API

This API allows you to import, export, submit, get the status, and delete all EP forms in Online Filing 2.0.

Import of PCT forms is not yet covered, as these are not yet available in the WIPO’s ePCT offering.

The API is available for testing using “demo” mode in Online Filing 2.0, as well as in live “production” mode once you have completed testing.