I still have unclaimed refunds from before 2 April 2024 for which I received a refund advice and a refund code. Will these refunds also appear in Central Fee Payment for direct claiming?

Yes, any refunds for which a refund code was issued between 2 April 2020 and 2 April 2024 but which have not been claimed by that later date can also be directly claimed in Central Fee Payment. However, please bear in mind that only those MyEPO Portfolio users who had full access rights to the portfolio of the applicant or their authorised representative (i.e. the person who received the refund advice and refund code) at the time a refund was processed by the EPO will be able to see and claim that refund. Even if the application has been transferred or if the representative has changed in the meantime, the refund will still be visible only to the former applicant or former representative and to any person with full access rights to their portfolio.