How can we start using our company Mailbox?

To use the Mailbox, professional representatives or associations of them, the legal practitioner or applicant, first have to be added as associates. (Registering as an association can make using the Mailbox easier).

To add an associate, the company administrator has to:

    • log in to the Mailbox
    • under the "Administration" tab, go to "Associates" and then select "Add"


    • enter the name of the professional representative as in the example below; for associations, enter the company name as the first name and the association number as the last name. For legal practitioners or applicants, please contact, we will then assist you with setting up the mailbox.


      • select "Accept"

      The EPO receives a request to add the associate, which it accepts or rejects. The company administrator then gets an alert.

      If the EPO accepts the request, the administrator then has to:

      • under "Administration", go to the "Associates" tab
      • select the user with the status "Resolved" and then "Edit"
      • check the "Send electronic mail to company mailbox" box and select "Accept"

      From then on, the Mailbox is enabled for the associate and any communications for their files will go straight there - provided they are on the list of communications available via the Mailbox.

      When a professional representative logs in with their smart card, they will also have access to My Files, where they can access their unpublished applications (or those of their association) and manage representation for their files. The MyFiles functionality is only available to professional representatives.