Where does MyEPO Portfolio fit into the filing landscape at the EPO?

MyEPO Portfolio is part of our integrated suite of MyEPO services that make it easy for you – a patent applicant, opponent or representative – to conduct your EPO business.

What do MyEPO services include?

  • MyEPO Portfolio is the place for interacting with us during your proceedings. You can view your application documents, receive Mailbox communications, submit procedural replies and requests about your applications and interact with examiners.
  • Online Filing 2.0 is the tool for you to file EP, UP and PCT applications, as well as submissions in opposition, appeal and other proceedings.
  • Central Fee Payment gives you all the options for paying fees relating to patent proceedings and allows you to claim refunds.   

Our legacy Online Filing software and web-form filing service are still available for filing at the EPO but will be decommissioned in the near future. We therefore encourage you to make the switch now and start using Online Filing 2.0 instead.

We also provide the EPO Contingency Upload Service to use as a fallback in case our main online filing services are not available.