What can I file via Online Filing 2.0?

You can file the following via Online Filing 2.0:

    • EP 1001 (Request for grant of a European patent)
    • EP 1038 (Letter accompanying subsequently filed items, including documents in opposition, limitation/revocation)
    • EP 1200 (Entry into the European phase)
    • EP 2300 (Notice of opposition)
    • EP 3002E (Notice of appeal)
    • EP 1038 Appeal (Letter accompanying subsequently filed items in Appeal proceedings)
    • UP 7000 (Request for unitary effect)
    • UP 7038 (European patent with unitary effect – letter accompanying subsequently filed items)
    • PCT/RO/101 (PCT request) via ePCT
    • PCT/IPEA/401 (PCT demand) via ePCT
    • PCT-SFD (Subsequent PCT-related actions) via ePCT