Every time I try to attach a PDF document to my EP filing I get the following error message: "The PDF file you tried to attach does not comply with Annex F standard. Some fonts used in it have not been embedded". What should I do?

To guarantee compliance, you should ensure that your PDF generator and resulting PDFs meet the following criteria:

  • all fonts are embedded and licensed for distribution (exception: Base 14 fonts are accepted even if they are not embedded)
  • the text is not compressed, to facilitate searching
  • the PDF is not encrypted
  • the PDF is version 1.4 (or later)
  • the PDF does not contain embedded OLE objects

If you are generating PDFs from paper documents using your company scanner you should adjust the settings of your scanner accordingly.

PDF files containing a combination of landscape and portrait formats are accepted.

PDFs should not be electronically signed. (Exceptions: Certified copies of priority documents that comply with the Administrative Instructions under the PCT, Part 7 and Annex F, may be digitally signed; they may only be filed via Online Filing or Online Filing 2.0 – for further details see OJ EPO 2018, A94. Additionally, documents submitted as evidence to support requests for registration of a transfer of rights under Rules 22 and 85 EPC and requests for registration of a licence or other rights under Rule 23 EPC bearing qualified electronic signatures may also be filed via Online Filing, Webform Filing or Online Filing 2.0 – for further details see OJ EPO 2021, A86.)

Notes: US priority documents can be submitted in A4 format only. Qualified electronic signatures requiring reference links to or validation via external websites will not be accepted.

The EPO Online Filing client may sometimes detect non-compliancy with Annex F in error and reject the file. It may also reject files which marginally exceed the permitted dimensions for A4 (PDF sizes up to 312 x 227 mm (A4 +5%) or 12.28 x 8.94" (letter +5%) are accepted).

To ensure that the PDF files you create will be accepted by the Online Filing software you can also use the Amyuni PDF converter. Please contact us to obtain this.