How do I fill in the field "Number of claims you intend to pay for" in Form Euro-PCT(1200E2K) or EP(1001E2K)?

You fill it in as follows:

If you are not paying for any additional claims, enter "0" as indicated in the Validation Messages/Documents panel (see above).

If you are paying for additional claims, enter the number (including the first 15 that are free), if you already know how many you want to pay for. If you want to pay fees for some but not all claims, the selected claims can be indicated in the Annotations tab.

If you do not yet know how many, also enter "0". You will then be able to pay later, once you do know how many claims end up in the application.

Please note: If you choose the fee payment option Automatic debit order, all fees, including any claims fees, will be debited automatically when due, and any entry in the Number of claims you intend to pay for field is disregarded.