I prepared, but did not submit, sequence listings before the 1 July 2022 update. Can I still submit them as they are?

No. From 1 July 2022, sequence listings must comply with WIPO Standard ST.26 in order to meet the requirements under Rule 30(1) EPC.

WIPO Standard ST.26 is the internationally agreed standard for the presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings using XML (eXtensible Markup Language). The current version of the standard is available on the WIPO website. It describes the formal requirements for the filing of sequence listings and explains how the sequences contained in a sequence listing are to be presented.

For applications that are signed and ready to send but were not submitted before the 1 July 2022 update, you will have to remove any WIPO Standard ST.25-compliant sequence listings you attached and reformat them in line with WIPO Standard ST.26 before submission.

The same goes for draft applications that were not signed before the 1 July 2022 update: any attached sequence listings prepared under WIPO Standard ST.25 must be removed and reformatted in line with WIPO Standard ST.26.

For further information on the changed requirements for sequence listings, see OJ EPO 2021, A97.