What documents can I file using the Online Filing software?

Using the Online Filing (OLF) software you can file the following documents with the EPO: EP (EP(1001E2K)), Euro-PCT (EP(1200E2K)), PCT (PCT/RO/101) applications as well as subsequent actions including appeals (EP(1038E)), EP (Oppo) documents and PCT subsequently filed documents (PCT-SFD) as well as PCT demands (PCT/IPEA/401). You can also file national patent applications (DE, FI, GB, NL, PL, SE, SK, and so on), EP(1001E2K) and PCT/RO/101 at national offices that accept submissions made using the Online Filing software. UP 7000 (Request for unitary effect), UP 7038 (European patent with unitary effect – letter accompanying subsequently filed items).