I have tried – but failed – to activate my new smart card via the link on EPO website. What should I do?

1) First check that you have the right software for new-generation smart cards.

You need to have the cryptovision software correctly installed for new-generation smart cards to work as they should.

If you have already installed the software, start by uninstalling it (it may not have downloaded properly the first time).

Please restart your computer after the installation.

2) Then check your smart card.

Ensure that your card is correctly inserted in the reader.

Open the cryptovision software; your token label and ID will be displayed.


3) Check that your web browser is correctly configured.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11, go to Tools and check the following under Internet Options to allow secure access to online services:

(a)  The Enable Protected Mode check box must be cleared.

Alternatively, add and to the list of Trusted Sites.

(b) The TLS 1.2 check box must be selected.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please follow the procedure described here.

You should now be able to activate your smart card on our website.