What document types can I file using Webform Filing?

Only documents in PDF can be filed via the Webform Filing service. The PDF should comply with WIPO's Annex F standard for e-filing.

To guarantee compliance, you should ensure that your PDF generator and resulting PDFs meet the following criteria:

  • All fonts are embedded (exception: Base 14 fonts are accepted even if they are not embedded).
  • The page size is A4.
  • The PDF is not encrypted.
  • The PDF does not contain colour or greyscale images or drawings.
  • The PDF is version 1.1 (or later).
  • The PDF does not contain embedded OLE objects.

If you are generating PDFs from paper documents using your scanner you should adjust the settings of your scanner accordingly.

The EPO offers free-of-charge access to a version of Amyuni PDF Converter which is preconfigured to produce PDF documents that can be transmitted with Webform filing.