Where can I see the latest coverage information for OPS?

OPS and Espacenet have the same coverage as far as bibliographic data goes. You can find information about new publications on Espacenet and OPS at Latest bibliographic coverage.

The list is updated daily.

For more extensive coverage information you can also consult our Contents and coverage of the DOCDB bibliographic file table, which is updated weekly on Thursdays. Please note that OPS and Espacenet cover only content for actual patent publications, as opposed to DOCDB where you can also find other kinds of document (for instance Gazette notifications, kind codes A0 and D0).

OPS's coverage of character-coded full texts is not the same as Espacenet's (see FAQ  What is the coverage for full-text descriptions and claims in OPS?). For new character-coded full-text additions on Espacenet and OPS see the following table:

Coverage of legal status codes and information on legal-status events and changes can be found at Coverage, codes and statistics .