Celebrating with Pride

Rainbow banner 2024

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Every summer, cities worldwide host Pride celebrations and demonstrations to promote visibility for LGBTQIA+ individuals, to celebrate advances made, and to protest against ongoing discrimination, inequity and exclusion. Munich’s annual Christopher Street Day (CSD) takes place on 22 June and is one of the highlights of Pride month in the city. This lively event provides an opportunity to participate in festivities and express solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. The EPO is proud to support CSD celebrations and in recognition of Pride month, will don rainbow colours throughout June, both online and on our headquarters.

Proud to fly the flag

Starting on 1 June, the EPO has proudly displayed its logo in rainbow colours on its website and social media platforms. A giant rainbow banner now adorns the Isar building and will be prominently visible from the parade route. Rainbow flags were also raised at our Rijswijk site during The Hague Pride and will be flown again during Amsterdam Pride. 

Join the CSD parade on 22 June

Munich's CSD parade is renowned as the largest and most vibrant event of its kind in southern Germany. Last year, the festivities set a record with over 520 000 participants and spectators along a new route that crossed the Isar and passed near the EPO’s headquarters. On 22 June, the Rainbow Group, one of our diversity networks, will participate in the parade, positioned at #179. They warmly invite colleagues, friends and allies to cheer them on as they pass by, and to join them in the parade.