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Notice from the European Patent Office dated 13 May 2024 concerning new features of MyEPO Portfolio: entries and re-entries on the list of professional representatives

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1. On 1 June 2024, the EPO will launch a new MyEPO Portfolio feature.

2.MyEPO Portfolio is a secure, web-based online service for parties to proceedings before the EPO. It provides improved access to several online services, enables the exchange of digital information and offers a contemporary, simplified approach to making procedural submissions.

3. MyEPO Portfolio is being continually improved and expanded in scope. In July 2023, the representative area was launched, allowing professional representatives entered on the list of professional representatives before the EPO to manage their data registered with and published by the EPO, as well as to request their deletion from the list.

4. As of 1 June 2024, successful EQE candidates will be able to request their entry on the list via MyEPO Portfolio, making the registration process simple and easy. Professional representatives who previously featured on the list and were subsequently deleted from it will also be able to request their re-entry on the list via MyEPO Portfolio. All tasks in the representative area relating to the list of professional representatives can be delegated to another person, including IP support staff. Detailed information and instructions will be available in the MyEPO Portfolio representative area feature guide and the FAQs.

5. In addition, the representative profile in the representative area will feature two new, optional fields where representatives can indicate an email address for personalised correspondence from the EPO and the epi, and their epi student number, if applicable. This information will be collected in line with an agreement between the EPO and the Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO (epi) in order to facilitate the administration of epi membership.