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Andreas Pecher

Andreas Pecher

Birthplace: Würzburg, Germany
President & CEO, ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Segment 

“If the energy consumption of our smartphones were to increase at the same rate as their performance, we would have to charge them every hour. Thanks to technologies from ZEISS SMT, microchip performance has increased – but with no increase in energy consumption.” 

Andreas Pecher is a physics graduate with a Master's degrees in physics, business administration and engineering management. He has served as CEO of ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) since January 2022 and is also a member of the Executive Board at Carl Zeiss AG.  

The father of four children has broad international work experience in general management, strategy and business development, consulting and operations, as well as developing talent, organisations and markets globally. He holds deep industry expertise in semiconductors, renewable energy, solar and other high-tech industries.