Mitteilungen der Beschwerdekammern des Europäischen Patentamts


Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal - in force from 1 January 2020

The revised Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (RPBA) were adopted by the Boards of Appeal Committee on 4 April 2019 and were unanimously approved by the Administrative Council at its 160th meeting on 26 and 27 June 2019. They will come into force on 1 January 2020, and are therefore referenced below as “RPBA 2020”.

Oral proceedings in case G 2/19

The Enlarged Board of Appeal has summoned the parties in case G 2/19, “Recht auf mündliche Verhandlung bei ersichtlich unzulässiger Beschwerde und rechtliches Gehör am richtigen Ort”, to oral proceedings on 16 July 2019 in the Isar building

Judicial internships at the Boards of Appeal

The Boards of Appeal offer a limited number of internship places for national judges of the EPC contracting states. For details of the programme see...

Jahresbericht 2018 der Beschwerdekammern heute veröffentlicht

Die Beschwerdekammern konnten ihre Leistung 2018 erneut steigern. Vom 1. Januar 2017 bis 31. Dezember 2018 stieg die Zahl der erledigten technischen Beschwerdefälle um 22,6 % und die Produktivität (d. h. die mit einem verfahrensrechtlichen Schritt erledigten Fälle geteilt durch die Kapazität der technisch vorgebildeten Mitglieder) um 18 %.

Written decision in case T 1063/18 on the patentability of plants issued

Technical Board of Appeal 3.3.04, in an enlarged composition consisting of three technically and two legally qualified members, decided that Rule 28(2) EPC was in conflict with Article 53(b) EPC as interpreted by the Enlarged Board of Appeal in decisions G 2/12 and G 2/13.

Filing notice of appeal on paper: new form available

A new form (EPO Form 3002) has been created for parties choosing to file notice of appeal on paper. The form, which is optional, is designed to help parties avoid typical mistakes when filing the notice of appeal. In particular, it indicates the information to be provided so that the minimum requirements for the content of the notice of appeal under Rule 99(1) EPC are met.


Revision of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal - Report on the user consultation conference in Munich on 5 December 2018

The aim of the revision of the RPBA is to improve the appeal procedure in terms of predictability, consistency, efficiency, legal security and duration.

Revised draft of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal

The revised draft of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (RPBA) agreed upon by Boards of Appeal Committee (BOAC) and the President of the Boards of Appeal is now available in English

Mitteilung der Großen Beschwerdekammer zum Verfahren G 1/18

Der Präsident des Europäischen Patentamts hat der Großen Beschwerdekammer gemäß Artikel 112 (1) b) EPÜ folgende Rechtsfrage vorgelegt: Wenn erst nach Ablauf der in Artikel 108 EPÜ vorgesehenen Frist von zwei Monaten Beschwerde eingelegt und/oder die Beschwerdegebühr [ 1 ] entrichtet wird, ist die Beschwerde dann unzulässig oder gilt sie als nicht eingelegt, und muss die Beschwerdegebühr zurückgezahlt werden?

Oral proceedings in case T 1063/18 on 5 December 2018

The proceedings in case T 1063/18 concern the appeal of the patent applicant against the decision of an examining division to refuse the European patent application No. 12 756 468.0 (publication No. EP 2 753 168) for the sole reason that the claimed subject-matter falls within the exception to patentability according to Article 53(b) and Rule 28(2) EPC

User consultation conference on the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal

At the "User consultation conference", users of the system will have the opportunity to hear presentations and panel discussions on the revised public draft of the RPBA.

Referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal – ref. No. G 1/18

The President of the European Patent Office has referred a point of law concerning the interpretation of Article 108 EPC to the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

Boards of Appeal Annual report 2017 is published today

The Boards of Appeal increased their performance in 2017. The number of technical cases settled increased by 2.5%, and the number of technical cases on which the Boards started work rose by 12.4% (in terms of first communications issued).


EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal clarifies standard for examining “undisclosed disclaimers”

The Enlarged Board of Appeal today issued decision G 1/16 on the allowability of undisclosed disclaimers introduced into a patent claim. The decision concerns three questions of law referred to the Enlarged Board, which constitutes the highest level of judicial authority at the EPO.

Official inauguration of the new building for the Boards of Appeal

The new building for the Boards of Appeal Unit of the EPO in Haar, Munich, was officially inaugurated yesterday.

Neue Website der Beschwerdekammern des Europäischen Patentamts

Die Website ermöglicht einfachen Zugriff auf die recherchierbare Datenbank mit den Entscheidungen der Großen Beschwerdekammer, der Juristischen Beschwerdekammer und der Technischen Beschwerdekammern sowie auf wichtige Texte zum Beschwerdeverfahren, z. B. die Verfahrensordnung der Beschwerdekammern (VOBK).

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