Oral proceedings

The public in oral proceedings

Oral proceedings before the Enlarged Board of Appeal are open to the public.

No advance registration is necessary when attending public oral proceedings at the European Patent Office (Article 116(4) EPC.) In certain cases, however, there may be space limitations. In such cases members of the public will be admitted on a "first come, first served" basis.

Members of the public attending oral proceedings before the EPO must on entering the premises present an official identity document such as an ID card or passport.

Please bear with us if we (have to) step up security to ensure smooth conduct of the oral proceedings. Sound and video recordings, or the use of mobile phones etc., are not permitted in the hearing room.

It should also be noted that members of the public including authors of amicus curiae briefs (amici curiae) are not parties to the proceedings and are therefore not entitled to address the Enlarged Board of Appeal during the oral proceedings.


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