Ancillary regulations to the EPC

Supplementary publication 4 of the Official Journal 2016 - trilingual

Many provisions of the European Patent Convention and its Implementing Regulations empower the President of the European Patent Office to take decisions concerning certain legal and technical details relating to the procedures before the EPO. These powers are also implicit in the overall managerial responsibility conferred upon the President. 

Supplementary publication 4/2016 comprises a compilation of the most important of these decisions, along with a selection of notices from the EPO, decisions of the Administrative Council and other relevant texts, published up to and including Official Journal 1/2016. 

The decisions of the EPO President and notices from the EPO forming ancillary regulations to the EPC are referenced in the footnotes of the 17th edition of the European Patent Convention, published in 2020. Where the referenced text was published in the Official Journal in 2014 or after, the HTML version of the EPC contains a link to that publication.    

As a result, the EPO will no longer issue a supplementary publication of the Official Journal entitled "Ancillary Regulations to the European Patent Convention" and compiling decisions of the EPO President and notices from the EPO.  

Instead, a regularly updated list of such decisions and notices of particular importance for patent practitioners, arranged by topic, will soon be available here on the EPO website.

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