Gold standard: directly and unambiguously derivable 

Any amendment to the parts of a European patent application or of a European patent relating to the disclosure (the description, claims and drawings) is subject to the mandatory prohibition on extension laid down in Art. 123(2) EPC and can therefore, irrespective of the context of the amendment made, only be made within the limits of what a skilled person would derive directly and unambiguously, using common general knowledge, and seen objectively and relative to the date of filing, from the whole of these documents as filed (G 3/89, OJ 1993,117; G 11/91, OJ 1993, 125; G 2/10, OJ 2012, 376, "gold standard").

The subject-matter must be at least implicitly disclosed (T 860/00; see also G 2/10), see in this chapter II.E.1.2.2 "Implicit disclosure" below.

After the amendment the skilled person may not be presented with new technical information (G 2/10).

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