1.4.4 Methods used in a technical process carried out on a physical entity

In accordance with the established case law, if a method which is not per se "technical" e.g. a mathematical method, is used in a technical process, and this process is carried out on a physical entity by some technical means implementing the method and provides as its result a change in that entity, it contributes to the technical character of the invention as a whole (T 1814/07).

Any claimed subject-matter defining or using technical means is an invention within the meaning of Art. 52(1) EPC (see T 424/03 and T 258/03, and confirmed in G 3/08, OJ 2011, 10). Therefore the mere inclusion of a computer, a computer network, a readable medium carrying a program, etc. in a claim lends technical character to the claimed subject-matter.

Features of the computer program itself (see T 1173/97) as well as the presence of a device defined in the claim may potentially lend technical character to the claimed subject-matter (see T 769/92, OJ 1995, 525; T 424/03 and T 258/03).

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