3.3.1 Area of party's own responsibility

The case law demonstrates that the principle of good faith does not impose an obligation to warn a party of deficiencies within the area of the party's own responsibility (G 2/97, OJ 1999, 123; see inter alia J 41/92, OJ 1995, 93; J 4/96; T 690/93; T 161/96, OJ 1999, 331; T 778/00, OJ 2001, 554; T 267/08; R 4/09; T 578/14). The reason for this is that users of the European patent system, who are parties in proceedings before the EPO must act in good faith, and have the responsibility to take all necessary procedural actions to avoid a loss of rights (G 2/97, R 4/09).

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