See also in this chapter: T 703/12 (timing of a request that a witness be heard – generic reference to submissions in opposition); T 480/11 (late witness); T 838/92 (impartiality of a witness); T 267/06 (need to order the hearing of a witness); T 716/06 (whether the evidence offered was useful); T 1096/08 and T 225/03 (first-instance department wrongly decided not to hear the witnesses); T 1100/07 (department of first instance's decision not to order hearing of witnesses justified in one case but not in the other); T 190/05 (citing T 474/04 extensively and specifying how the department of first instance should have proceeded); T 361/00 (unnecessary to hear author of unsworn written statements as a witness because statements irrelevant to outcome of the decision); T 1210/05 (conclusions based exclusively on the testimony of a witness); T 832/13 (serious doubts due to the general nature of the statement); R 6/12 (hearing witnesses/experts not ordered by the board).

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