1.2.2 Systematic interpretation

The systematic interpretation formed a second pillar when construing a legal provision and its terms (see G 1/88, point 3 of the Reasons; G 9/92, OJ 1994, 875, point 1 of the Reasons; G 4/95, OJ 1996, 412, 421 et seq., points 4 and 5 of the Reasons; G 3/98, OJ 2001, 62, 71, point 2.2 of the Reasons; G 4/98, OJ 2001, 131, 143, point 4 of the Reasons). In applying this second method of interpretation the meaning of the wording in question was to be established in the context of the relevant provision itself. In addition, the provision as such had to be interpreted taking into account its position and function within a coherent group of related legal norms.

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