3. Form of decisions

R. 111 EPC governs the form of decisions issued by the EPO. It must first of all be established whether a "decision" – as distinct from e.g. notices and communications (see in this chapter III.K.3.1.) ‒ has in fact been taken. Decisions are to be put in writing – even those that have been announced at oral proceedings – and accompanied by a communication pointing out the possibility of appeal (see in this chapter III.K.3.2.). R. 113 EPC also stipulates that a signature is required, although this may be replaced by a seal in the case of computer-generated decisions (see in this chapter III.K.3.3.). Under R. 111(2) EPC, appealable decisions must be reasoned (see in this chapter III.K.3.4.). Decisions must also be notified to the parties (see chapter III.S.).

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