3. Disciplinary matters

The Regulation on Discipline for Professional Representatives (RDR) of 21.10.1977 (OJ 1978, 91), adopted by the Administrative Council in accordance with Art. 134(8)(c) EPC 1973 and amended by AC Decision of 14.12.2007 in accordance with Art. 134a(1)(c) EPC (OJ 2008, 14; also in Supplementary publication – OJ 1 of each year), contains not only provisions on general professional obligations, professional secrecy and conduct towards clients but also provisions relating to the disciplinary bodies responsible for imposing disciplinary measures (see also Additional Rules of Procedure of the Disciplinary Committee and of the Disciplinary Board, OJ 1980, 176, and 177 and 183, respectively; for amendments see OJ 2007, 552; Additional Rules of Procedure of the DBA, OJ 1980, 176 and 188; for amendments see OJ 2007, 548; for consolidated version, see Supplementary publication to OJ 1 of each year).

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