Article 152

Filing and transmittal of the international application

R. 104

(1) If the applicant chooses the European Patent Office as a receiving Office for his international application, he shall file it directly with the European Patent Office. Article 75, paragraph 2, shall nevertheless apply mutatis mutandis.

(2) In the event of an international application being filed with the European Patent Office through the intermediary of the competent central industrial property office, the Contracting State concerned shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the application is transmitted to the European Patent Office in time for the latter to be able to comply in due time with the conditions for transmittal under the Cooperation Treaty.

(3)103 Each international application shall be subject to the payment of the transmittal fee, which shall be payable within one month after receipt of the application.

103 Amended by decision of the Administrative Council of 21.12.1978, which entered into force on 01.03.1979 (OJ EPO 1979, 3).

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