Article 96

Examination of the European patent application

R. 51, 69, 70, 86, 87

(1) If the applicant for a European patent has filed the request for examination before the European search report has been transmitted to him, the European Patent Office shall invite him after the transmission of the report to indicate, within a period to be determined, whether he desires to proceed further with the European patent application.

(2)64 If the examination of a European patent application reveals that the application or the invention to which it relates does not meet the requirements of this Convention, the Examining Division shall invite the applicant, in accordance with the Implementing Regulations and as often as necessary, to file his observations within a period to be fixed by the Examining Division.

(3) If the applicant fails to reply in due time to any invitation under paragraph 1 or paragraph 2, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

64 See decisions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 7/93, G 10/93 (Annex I).

Cross-reference list
Art. 96(1) R. 70
Art. 96(2), (3) Art. 94(3), (4)

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