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facts and evidence


not submitted in due time A 114(2); R 71a


features of the invention R 29(1), R 30(1)


Federal Republic of Germany


application of the law of the ~ to the non-contractual liability of the EPOrg A 9(2)


jurisdiction of the courts A 9(4); ProRecog 6




as provided for in the EPC RFees 1(a), RFees 2


as provided for in the Implementing Regulations RFees 1(a), RFees 2


due date RFees 4


laid down by the President of the Office RFees 3


level of ~ A 40(1)


non-payment A 122(2); R 102(1), R 108, R 110(4)


payment of ~ RFees 5


period of grace for payment of ~ R 85a, R 108(3)


pursuant to the PCT RFees 1(b)


reduction of ~ R 6(3), R 107(2); RFees 12


refund A 126(2); R 46(2), R 112; RFees 10a-10d


figures R 32(2)(f),(h)




communication of information contained in the ~ R 95


keeping of ~ R 95a




entitlement to file a Eur. pat. appl. A 58


equivalence of European ~ with national ~ A 66


first ~ A 87(4),(5)


~ giving rise to a right of priority A 87


previous ~ R 38


filing fee R 6(3); RFees 2(1), RFees 12


EPOff as a designated or elected Office R 106(a)


Eur. pat. appl. A 78(2)


European divisional application A 76(3); R 25(2)


new Eur. pat. appl. A 61(3); R 15(2)


payment A 90(1)(b), A 90(3)


period of grace R 85a(1)


refund A 77(5)


surcharge on the ~ RFees 2(3b)


filing of the Eur. pat. appl. A 75; R 24-25


documents filed subsequently R 36


general provisions R 24


means of communication R 24(1)


new filing R 15


Final provisions A 164-178


financial contributions


special ~ of the Contracting States A 37(c), A 40, A 47(4), A 50(b),(d),(e), A 146, A 176(1)


financial obligations


termination A 126


Financial provisions A 37-51


Financial Regulations A 33(2)(a), A 50


fixing of costs see costs


flow sheets R 32(3)


food products


protection for ~ A 167(2)(a)




aliens' registration formalities ProPrIm 12(1)(e), ProPrIm 14(d)


formalities examination see examination as to formal requirements


forwarding of Eur. pat. appl. A 77 see transmittal


further processing of the Eur. pat. appl. A 121; RFees 2(12)

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