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immunities/privileges A 8; ProPrIm 1-25


Implementing Regulations A 164


amendment by the Administrative Council A 33(1)(b)


inadmissible extension A 123(2)


income of the EPOrg A 37-42, A 49(1),(2), A 146


taxes ProPrIm 4(1)


independent claims see claims


industrial application A 52(1), A 57, A 97(1), A 100(a), A 138(1)(a); R 27(1)(f)


information A 127-132; R 92-96


exchanges of ~ A 130


presentation of ~ A 52(2)(d)


- see public, official authorities




~ action A 25


of a Eur. pat. A 64(3)


technical opinion for a national court trying an infringement action A 25


insignificant amounts


refund RFees 10c


inspection of files A 128


by the Contracting States R 98


exclusion from ~ R 93


for courts and authorities of Contracting States A 131(1)


procedures for the ~ R 94


Institute of Professional Representatives A 134(8)(b),(c)


international application A 150ff


acts performed before the EPOff R 107(1)


deemed withdrawn A 157(2)(b); R 108(1)


filing A 151, A 152; R 104


joint designation of a group of Contracting States A 149(2)


language A 158(2); R 104(1)


publication A 158(1),(3)


supply A 158


translation A 158(2); R 107(1)(a), R 108; RFees 2(3c)


transmittal A 152; R 104(3)


transmittal fee A 152(3); RFees 2(18)


treatment by central industrial property offices ProCen III


inter-governmental organisations A 7, A 30(1),(2), A 130(2),(3)


international arbitration tribunal see tribunal


international co-operation


Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) A 150-158


International Court of Justice A 173(2); ProPrIm 24(3)


international exhibitions see exhibitions


international filing see international application


International Labour Organisation


competence of the Administrative Tribunal of the ~ A 13


International Patent Classification R 8, R 9(1), R 44(6)


International Patent Institute ProCen I(1)(a),(b)


international preliminary examination A 155; R 105, R 107(2); ProCen III, ProCen IV(1)(e); RFees 2(19), RFees 10d


renunciation by the central industrial property offices in favour of the EPOff ProCen II


international search report A 157


International Searching Authority


EPOff as ~ A 154; R 105; ProCen III


renunciation of activities as ~ in favour of the EPOff ProCen I(2)


interruption in the delivery of mail R 85


interruption of proceedings R 90, R 92(1)(t)




description A 78(1)(b); R 27


disclosure A 83; R 28


exceptions to patentability A 53


industrial application A 57


inventive step A 56


non-prejudicial disclosure A 55


novelty A 54


of an employee A 60(1); ProRecog 4


patentable ~ A 52


technical features R 29(1), R 30(1)


title R 26(2)(b)


unity A 82, A 154(3), A 155(3); R 29(2), R 30, R 46, R 105, R 112


inventive step A 52(1), A 56




cancellation of the designation of the ~ R 19(3)


designation A 81, A 91(1)(f),(3),(5); R 17, R 93(c)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(g)


form R 17(1), R 26(2)(k)


~ is an employee A 60(1); ProRecog 4


mention of the ~ A 58ff


multiple inventors A 60(2); R 17(1)


parts of the file not for inspection R 93(c)


period A 91(5); R 42, R 111(1)


publication of the mention of the ~ R 18


rectification of the designation of the ~ R 19


renunciation of the title as ~ R 18(1)


right of the ~ to be mentioned A 62


right to a Eur. pat. A 60(1)


time limit for the subsequent identification of the ~ R 42


inventor's certificate


priority A 87(1)




to the parties in appeal proceedings A 110(2),(3), A 124; R 71a(2)


to the parties in grant proceedings A 96, A 124; R 41(1), R 43(2), R 51, R 101(2), R 105(3), R 111


to the parties in opposition proceedings A 101(2); R 56(2), R 57(1),(3), R 58(2),(4),(5), R 59




notification R 82

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