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receipts A 38, see income and revenue


receiving Office


EPOff as a ~ within the meaning of the PCT A 151, A 152; R 104


Receiving Section


appeal lying from decisions of the ~ A 21(2), A 106(1), A 111(2)


as a department charged with the procedure A 15(a)


competence A 16; R 9(2)


examination as to formal requirements A 91


examination on filing A 90(1),(2); R 39-43


organisation R 12(2)




of decisions given in the Contracting States ProRecog 9-10


of judgments ProRecog 9-11


recovery procedures


waiving of enforced ~ R 91


rectification R 19 see corrections


re-establishment of rights see restitutio in integrum


refund A 77(5); R 31(2), R 46(2), R 67, R 105(3), R 112; RFees 9, RFees 10, RFees 10a-10d


special financial contributions A 40(6),(7), A 176(1)




~ of a Eur. pat. appl. A 97, A 111(1), A 121; R 51(6), R 92(1)(n), R 97(1)


Register of European Patents A 127, A 129(a); R 92


correction/cancellation of the mention of the inventor R 19(2),(3)


entries A 20(1)


extracts R 92(3)


languages A 14(9)


rectification of the designation of an inventor R 19


registering licences and other rights R 21, R 22


registering transfers R 20(1), R 61


registered letter R 78


reimbursement for witnesses and experts R 74(2),(3)


renewal fees A 86, A 141; RFees 2(4)


due date R 37


EPOff as designated or elected Office pursuant to the PCT R 107(1)(g)


non-payment A 122(2)


payment A 61(3), A 76(3), A 97(2)(c); R 51(9)


payments by the Contracting States A 37(b), A 39, A 40(1), A 47(3), A 50(b),(d), A 147, A 176(2)


representation A 133-134, A 163; R 26(3), R 81(3), R 100-102


general principles A 133


~ before special departments A 144


representatives A 134


amendment of the list of professional ~ R 102


appointment of ~ A 91(1),(3), A 133(2); R 100


authorisations R 101


common ~ R 26(3), R 100


conditions A 134


designation of the ~ in the request for grant R 26(2)(d)


disciplinary power A 134(8)(c)


during a transitional period A 163


entries in the Register of European Patents A 20(1); R 92(1)(h)


European qualifying examination A 134(2)(c), A 134(8)(a)


Institute of Professional Representatives A 134(8)(b)


legal practitioners as ~ A 134(7)


list of professional ~ A 20(1), A 134(1)-(3), A 163(1),(2),(6),(7); R 102


notification to ~ R 81


opposition proceedings R 60


request see application documents


request for conversion A 135, A 136, A 162(4)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(v)


- see conversion


request for examination A 94


entry in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(m)


period of grace R 85b, R 108(3)


time limits A 95, A 150(2); R 13(5), R 90(4), R 107(1)(f)


request for grant of a Eur. pat. A 78(1)(a), A 79(1); R 17(1), R 26


examination as to formal requirements A 91(1)(d)


form R 35


reservations A 167, A 178(2)(c)




entry, stay and departure of the employees of the EPOff ProPrIm 11


residence or principal place of business A 14(2), A 133(2),(3); R 26(2)(c), R 55(a), R 92(1)(f)




own ~ of the EPOrg A 37(a), A 38, A 44


restitutio in integrum A 122


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(u)


fee RFees 2(13)


revenue of the EPOff A 37(d), A 40(1), A 49(1),(2)


revocation of a Eur. pat. A 102; R 90(3)(a)


effect A 68


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(r)


grounds for ~ A 138


right of priority see priority right


right to a Eur. pat. A 60




conferred by a Eur. pat. A 64


conferred by a Eur. pat. appl. after publication A 67; R 28(3)


entries in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(w)


in rem R 21, R 92(1)(w)


loss of ~ A 122(6); R 69


of the same date A 139(3)


preservation of acquired ~ if a Contracting State ceases to be party to the EPC A 175


prior right A 139(1),(2)


~ of earlier date A 139(1),(2)


transfer and constitution A 71, A 148(2)


Rules relating to Fees A 51; RFees 1


adoption and amendment A 33(2)(d)


copy RFees 13


entry into force RFees 14


notification RFees 13


weighting of votes A 36

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