EUROPEAN PATENT CONVENTION 1973: Alphabetical keyword index

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taking of evidence A 117, A 131(2); R 72-76, R 99


costs A 104(1); R 74




exemption from ~ for the EPOrg ProPrIm 4


income of the EPOrg ProPrIm 4(1)


property of the EPOrg ProPrIm 4(1)


salaries and pensions ProPrIm 16, ProPrIm 17


technical means of communication R 24(1), R 36(5), R 77(2)(d)


technical opinion A 25


fee for a ~ RFees 2(20), RFees 10a


technical problem


specification of the ~ in the request for grant R 27(1)(c)


territorial effect of the Eur. pat. A 3


text of the Eur. pat. see European patent


text of the Eur. pat. appl. see European patent application


The Hague see branch at The Hague




methods for treatment by ~ A 52(4)


third parties A 95(2), A 115


time limits (general)A 120ff; R 83-85b


amending of ~ A 33(1)(a)


calculation A 88(2); R 83


duration A 120(b); R 84


extension R 84, R 85


failure to reply within a time limit A 121(1), A 122


interruption R 90(4)


observation of time limit for payment RFees 8(3), RFees 9(1)


periods of grace R 85a, R 85b, R 108(3)


suspension of proceedings R 13(5)


transfer of rights A 71, A 72, A 74, A 148(2); R 20


during the opposition period or during opposition proceedings R 61


partial ~ R 16


to more than one person R 100(2)


transitional period


activities of the Administrative Council during a ~ A 159


appointment of employees A 160


first accounting period A 161


processing of Eur. pat. appl. A 162 ProCen IV


representatives A 163


transitional provisions A 159-163




at the time of conversion into a national patent A 137


authentic text of Eur. pat. appl. or Eur. pat. A 70


certification R 5


corrected ~ A 70(4)(a)


costs of publication A 65(2)


evidence R 1(3)


filing of the ~ of a Eur. pat. appl. A 14(2), A 90(1)(c),(3); R 6(1)


in language of proceedings of documents which have to be filed within a time limit A 14(4); R 1(1), R 6(2)


in oral proceedings R 2(1),(3),(5)


included in the application documents R 35(1)


language of proceedings A 14(2),(3); R 6(1)


legal authenticity R 7


letters rogatory R 99(2)


not filed in due time A 14(5)


original ~ A 70(4)(b)


period for supplying the ~ A 65(1)


previous application giving rise to priority A 88(1); R 38(5), R 111(2)


reduction of fees R 6(3); RFees 12(2)


specification of European patent A 65, A 70(4)(a)


time limits R 6


~ of claims A 14(7), A 67(3), A 70(4)(a), A 97(5), A 102(5); R 36(1), R 51(6), R 58(5)


~ of international application A 158(2); R 107(1)(a), R 108; RFees 2(3c)


transmittal A 77, A 136, A 152(2), A 158(2); R 15(3), R 28(8), R 85(2), R 104(3); RFees 13


transmittal fee


for an international application A 152(3); RFees 2(18)


travel expenses R 74(2),(4)




international application pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) A 150-158




international arbitration ~ ProPrIm 23, ProPrIm 24


typing mistakes see errors in documents

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