Rule 21 24

Registering of licences and other rights

Art. 71, 73, 127

(1) Rule 20, paragraphs 1 and 2, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the registration of the grant or transfer of a licence, the establishment or transfer of a right in rem in respect of a European patent application and any legal means of execution of such an application.

(2) The registration referred to in paragraph 1 shall be cancelled upon request, which shall not be deemed to have been filed until an administrative fee has been paid. Such request shall be supported either by documents establishing that the right has lapsed, or by a declaration whereby the proprietor of the right consents to the cancellation of the registration; it may be rejected only if these conditions are not fulfilled.

24 See decision of the President of the EPO dated 10.03.1989 concerning the responsibilities of the Legal Division (OJ EPO 1989, 177 f) and the notice of the Vice-President, DG 5 of the EPO dated 05.07.1990 concerning correspondence with the Legal Division (OJ EPO 1990, 404 f).

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