Rule 57

Preparation of the examination of the opposition

Art. 101, 105, 123

(1)84 The Opposition Division shall communicate the opposition to the proprietor of the patent and shall invite him to file his observations and to file amendments, where appropriate, to the description, claims and drawings within a period to be fixed by the Opposition Division.

(2) If several notices of opposition have been filed, the Opposition Division shall communicate them to the other opponents at the same time as the communication provided for under paragraph 1.

(3) The observations and any amendments filed by the proprietor of the patent shall be communicated to the other parties concerned who shall be invited by the Opposition Division, if it considers it expedient, to reply within a period to be fixed by the Opposition Division.

(4) In the case of a notice of intervention in opposition proceedings the Opposition Division may dispense with the application of paragraphs 1 to 3.

84 Amended by decision of the Administrative Council of 10.06.1988 which entered into force on 01.10.1988 (OJ EPO 1988, 290 ff). See opinion of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 1/02 (Annex I).

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