Rule 74

Costs of taking of evidence

Art. 117
R. 72, 73

(1) The taking of evidence by the European Patent Office may be made conditional upon deposit with it, by the party who requested the evidence to be taken, of a sum the amount of which shall be fixed by reference to an estimate of the costs.

(2) Witnesses and experts who are summoned by and appear before the European Patent Office shall be entitled to appropriate reimbursement of expenses for travel and subsistence. An advance for these expenses may be granted to them. The first sentence shall apply to witnesses and experts who appear before the European Patent Office without being summoned by it and are heard as witnesses or experts.

(3) Witnesses entitled to reimbursement under paragraph 2 shall also be entitled to appropriate compensation for loss of earnings, and experts to fees for their work. These payments shall be made to the witnesses and experts after they have fulfilled their duties or tasks.

(4)108 The Administrative Council shall lay down the details governing the implementation of the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3. Payment of amounts due pursuant to these paragraphs shall be made by the European Patent Office.

108 See the Regulation of the Administrative Council of 21.10.1977 on compensation and fees payable to witnesses and experts (OJ EPO 1983, 102 f).

Cross-reference list
R. 74 R. 122

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