Rule 80

Public notification

Art. 119

(1)114 If the address of the addressee cannot be established, or if notification in accordance with Rule 78, paragraph 1, has proved to be impossible even after a second attempt by the European Patent Office, notification shall be effected by public notice.

(2)115 The President of the European Patent Office shall determine how the public notice is to be given and the beginning of the period of one month on the expiry of which the document shall be deemed to have been notified.

114 Amended by decision of the Administrative Council of 07.12.1990 which entered into force on 01.06.1991 (OJ EPO 1991, 4 ff).

115 See announcement by the President of the EPO of 11.01.1980 concerning public notification under Rule 80 EPC (OJ EPO 1980, 36).

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